The Open Government Initiative

Changing the Culture of Government

Accountability, transparency and the fight against corruption have been high on the policy agenda in Somalia. The Open Government Initiative has at its aim at addressing this through granting unprecedented levels of transparency in government operations in both scope and reach; generating the conditions for deep accountability and enhanced citizen engagement and participation to take root, increasing governmental transparency, and propelling economic development.

The central aim of the Open Government Initiative is the vision that by 2020, Somalia is a leading country in Africa for transparency. To this end, the Open Government Initiative is a strategic plan developed to fight corruption in the Somali national context. The initiative demonstrates a clear commitment to fight corruption and increase transparency and accountability at all levels, and is a crucial element in the broader process of democratization, state building, and development. The initiative would modernize information dissemination; thus effectively paving the way for a collaborative, inclusive, effective, transparent and accountable government, critical for sustainable development, democratization, and the fight against corruption.